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UFO Abduction Leads To Love

People try to find their soulmates in all kinds of different ways. Some choose to use smartphone apps; others take on the more exciting, traditional method of natural social interactions. When people say that their love is out of this world, they simply want to express that they have so much love that even the world cannot contain it. It’s a figure of speech.

In the case of Abbie Bela, however, the expression has a literal meaning. A resident of London, Bela, said she is in love with something out of this world. She doesn’t mean her lover is extremely good, but it’s actually an extraterrestrial being from an entirely different region of the universe i.e., the Andromeda galaxy.

Meet Abbie Bela – The Woman Who Fell in Love with an Alien

According to the report of Daily Star UK, Abbie Bela is an actress by profession. The woman in her 30s resides in Canary Wharf in east London and claims that she had an extraordinary encounter with an alien that changed her life. According to her, a flying saucer abducted her and transported her to our neighboring galaxy Andromeda, where she met her soulmate, a handsome, tall alien. She claims to have given her heart as soon as she met the alien as he is better than the men of the earth. She is ready to put human love behind her and depart to Andromeda galaxy to commit to life with an alien.

(Image: Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERS NEWS)

The Abduction

Bela revealed that she was sick of men from the earth and posted online where she joked that she wanted an alien to abduct her. According to her, since then, she dreamed about white light every night, and then one night, she heard a voice in her dream that said: “wait in the usual spot.” So, the next night she sat next to her open window and was about to go to sleep when a flying saucer appeared and abducted her. She claims that a bright green beam transported her to the UFO. There, she met five aliens. One of them had a “very tall and slender” human-like build.

The Safe Return

One of the aliens connected with Bela, and she felt the same. The alien asked for her permission to go with them. However, she declined to fly back with them in the Andromeda galaxy because she didn’t want them to take her away forever. After about 20 minutes, she was safely returned to her residence in London.

Abbie Bela missed out on her chance to visit the Andromeda galaxy during her first encounter with aliens. However, she is now looking forward to another visit from her alien soulmate in the near future. She hopes that he comes back because she is now ready to leave everything behind and go to Andromeda galaxy.

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