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About the Album

"Samvartaka Fire," released on August 12, 2018, marked a pivotal moment in my musical journey, and it carries with it a rich tapestry of legends and symbolism. This two-song EP was released after my debut album, "Universe In My Head," and it signaled the transition of Inquire Within into a solo project. It offered me a unique opportunity to explore music composition independently, heralding my first solo venture.

The name "Samvartaka Fire" itself is steeped in legend and mysticism. In Hindu mythology, Samvartaka is a cosmic fire associated with the end of the world. It's believed to be a purifying fire that destroys and transforms, paving the way for new beginnings. This powerful symbolism resonated deeply with the essence of my music, which often delves into themes of transformation and evolution.

Before crafting "Samvartaka Fire," I delved into the world of musical exploration. I had undertaken a film score course under the guidance of the legendary composer Hans Zimmer, known for his iconic works in films like "Batman" and "Interstellar." Additionally, I had the privilege of taking opera lessons, expanding my musical horizons.

This release was a manifestation of my distinctive approach to music, seamlessly blending elements of rock, metal, and cinematic grandeur. It was a chance to step beyond the boundaries of genre and create something that was truly my own, mirroring the transformative power of the Samvartaka Fire.

In the Summer of 2018, I was invited to participate in the epic UFO event, SOULTECH, held at the renowned ECETI Ranch. This extraordinary event, organized by Modern Masters and Fade To Black Radio, connected me with some of my heroes in the UFO disclosure field, including luminaries like Billy Carson and Jimmy Church, among many others. At the closing ceremony of this event, I unveiled "Samvartaka Fire" and delivered a captivating performance, marking a memorable moment in my journey as a solo artist.

"Samvartaka Fire" is not just a musical release; it's a testament to personal growth, exploration, and the fusion of diverse influences, capturing the essence of a transformative phase in my career, and drawing inspiration from the legends of a cosmic fire that symbolizes destruction and rebirth.

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