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About Me

I am Brett Larsen, and I am the driving force behind Inquire Within. It's more than just a band; it's a journey that ignites curiosity about UFOs and paranormal phenomena while guiding enthusiasts toward valuable sources for further exploration.

In the early days, Inquire Within was a three-piece band, a collaboration between two close friends and myself. This musical adventure was born from profound, life-altering experiences, some of which can only be described as truly otherworldly. These encounters included multiple UFO sightings, achieved through the practice of CE5, which led us down a path of researching strange phenomena and UFO-related subjects. It was this quest that gave my music a newfound sense of purpose, a purpose driven by these astonishing experiences.

In 2017, we set out to create something extraordinary with our debut album, "Universe In My Head." Our vision was to craft a global musical project, transcending borders and genres. We were joined by 16 musicians from diverse corners of the world, including countries like South Africa, Serbia, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, and of course, the USA. Notably, our ranks included both current and former members of renowned acts like MEGADETH, The Devin Townsend Project, Soilwork, Chimaira, Six Feet Under, and even musicians from The Julliard Symphonic Orchestra. Together, we defied the confines of genre, weaving orchestral compositions, psychedelic melodies, rock, heavy metal, and death metal into a unique and unconventional musical tapestry.

Our creative journey extended beyond music; it extended to the environment. In partnership with the organization "Trees For The Future," our album's proceeds allowed us to plant 10,000 trees and support environmental projects in Africa.

As time passed, the path of Inquire Within took a different direction, ultimately becoming my solo project. In the summer of 2018, I had the distinct honor of participating in the SOULTECH UFO event at the iconic ECETI Ranch. This unique collaboration between Modern Masters and Fade To Black Radio introduced me to luminaries in the field of UFO disclosure, including the likes of Billy Carson and Jimmy Church. During the event's closing ceremony, I unveiled my first solo EP, "Samvartaka Fire," and delivered a performance that marked a significant chapter in my artistic journey.

The summer of 2019 brought another extraordinary opportunity, an invitation to join a CE5 expedition at Mount Shasta. Organized by Kosta Makreas of, this week-long event was documented by Skylight Films for their documentary, "Making Contact Be Inspired." It was an unforgettable week filled with an abundance of Human-Initiated Extraterrestrial Contact and numerous astonishing UFO sightings captured in high-definition night vision. These experiences left me both humbled and awestruck.

On March 28th, 2020, I released my second full-length album, "Meditation For The Devil." Unlike my earlier work, this album was a solo endeavor, with me writing, recording, and producing all the music. It offered an expansive, cinematic experience influenced by my knowledge gained from studying film scoring under the legendary composer Hans Zimmer and taking opera lessons. While predominantly acoustic, the album featured a diverse range of styles, spanning from ethereal indie pop to death metal. The lyrical focus shifted temporarily from UFO disclosure to a profound exploration of inner struggles and the pursuit of personal growth. Each song was exported at a unique frequency, following the Solfeggio Fibonacci sequence, with each frequency believed to have a distinct impact on the listener's mind.

Since 2018, I've dedicated myself to my upcoming third full-length album, "Alien Elite: Perception Warfare." This album is a solo endeavor, with me taking charge of writing, recording, and production. It takes a different direction from "Meditation For The Devil," leaning more towards rock and metal while still incorporating a few acoustic songs. It's a fusion of the styles from "Samvartaka Fire" and "Meditation For The Devil," creating an epic and cinematic soundscape.

Throughout this incredible journey, I've utilized the Inquire Within social media platforms to share captivating articles on various mind-blowing topics and create videos where I delve into these subjects. In a relatively short time, my social media accounts have garnered a global following of nearly a quarter million people. With this outreach, I've always felt a responsibility to share the life-changing experiences that shaped my musical path. At the same time, I remain true to myself, unafraid to share utterly ridiculous and lighthearted content because, regardless of how far this project goes, I'm still just me.


Now, in 2023, I've ventured into the world of writing with the launch of my book, "Cryptids of the USA: A State-by-State Guide to Mysterious Creatures." This book, launched on October 30th, 2023, takes readers on a fascinating journey through each state in the United States, exploring the most intriguing and mysterious cryptids reported in each one. From the Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest to the Jersey Devil of the Northeast, no state is left unexplored. Each chapter includes detailed images and descriptions of the cryptids, enriched by folklore, legends, and expert theories. Whether you're a seasoned cryptozoologist or simply have a love for the strange and unusual, this book offers something for everyone. Join me on this literary adventure into the mysterious world of American cryptids.

Beyond my artistic and literary pursuits, I am a family man, happily married with two children. I also share my life with an awesome dog named Phantom. This blend of artistic exploration, family, and a deep connection to the mysterious creates a unique tapestry of life experiences that continues to shape my creative journey. As you delve into my music and words, you'll discover a world where the boundaries between the known and the unexplained blur. It's an invitation to embrace curiosity and venture into the extraordinary, a reflection of my life's work that is still just beginning.

Brett Larsen (Inquire Within)

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