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About the Album

Step into the realm of "Meditation For The Devil," my second full-length album, released on March 28th, 2020. This time, I took a more intimate approach, creating the entire album solo, without an army of session musicians.

Despite the initial expectations conjured by the album's name, "Meditation For The Devil" is far from dark and metal; it's a serene and acoustic journey. Unlike my previous works, this album was never part of a grand plan. I was already 80% done with what would have been our second album, "Alien Elite," when I suddenly felt the urge to embark on a full acoustic album project. In just 20 days, I wrote, recorded all the instruments, and added the vocals. This was the fastest I had ever written music, yet the process felt unhurried, resulting in a piece of work that I hold in higher regard than "Universe In My Head."

Leading up to "Meditation For The Devil," I delved into opera lessons and studied film scoring with the legendary composer Hans Zimmer (known for iconic film scores like "Batman," "Pirates Of The Caribbean," "Interstellar," and "Inception"). These influences shine through with cinematic and epic elements, providing a unique backdrop for this acoustic journey. While my previous albums often delved into UFOs and government conspiracies, this one takes a step back from those themes, focusing on inner struggles and mental obstacles. The album's core message is about conquering one's inner demons, calming inner anxieties, and creating the best life possible.

This album has received commendations from notable figures. Sir Mix-A-Lot described it as "Psychedelic Alien Rock N’Roll," and Gary Holt from Slayer/Exodus even joined in for a hilarious promotional video. conducted an insightful interview and reviewed the album, highlighting its diverse and mind-expanding qualities.

What makes "Meditation For The Devil" truly exceptional is its unique approach to sound. Each of the seven songs was meticulously crafted and exported at specific frequencies, following the Solfeggio Fibonacci sequence. These frequencies have distinct effects on the listener's mind, guiding them on an enlightening journey. The frequencies used are 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, and 852hz, representing the chakras and enhancing the listening experience.

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