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Reincarnated Children: Remembering Past Lives

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Around the world children from different religions and backgrounds have described a life they have lived before. While the belief in the survival of a soul is not new, the fact that these kids talk about events that seem beyond their own childhood memories is an indication of reincarnation to some people.

There are over 2,500 documented cases of children remembering past lives at the division of Personality Studies in Charlottesville, Virginia. These kids came from around the globe, Europe, Western Africa, Southern Asia, United States, etc.

The Case for Reincarnation

The most compelling cases of reincarnation are the ones in which children impulsively remember past lives and describe historical events and people in which there is no way that the kids could have ever known of these events and people. Generally, in these cases, a child begins to tell their parents about the past life as soon as they learn to speak.

These memories may include their name in the past life, in addition to the names of their family members and friends from the prior incarnation. The child may also recall the name of the town or city that they lived in. The child may even know secrets and information about their past life that only members of the past life family are aware of.

Ryan Hammons Recalled Life as a Hollywood Agent

This is a case from 2009. Ryan Hammons, a 4-year-old kid, started waking up and screaming about how his heart exploded in Hollywood. When he revealed more details from this past life, his mother, Cyndi, became intrigued. Ryan claimed that he used to live in a home on a street called “Rock” in Hollywood, had three sons and had a friend there known as “Senator Fives”.

One day, Cyndi was going through a book featuring old Hollywood photos. When Ryan saw one of the photos, he eagerly identified one man as himself and another as his friend George. To further investigate this odd occurrence, Cyndi visited the UVA Medical Center and hired the help of a psychiatrist who studies reincarnation. The psychiatrist verified that his friend in the photograph was George Raft, a movie star, and the person he identified as himself was Martin Martyn. Upon contacting Martyn’s daughter and doing deep research, they were able to confirm 55 obscure facts about Martyn’s life. Including how old he lived until, the number of children and siblings he had and much more.

After that meeting, Ryan lost interest in his past life memories. According to the psychiatrist, this happened because reincarnated children gain closure when they see that people from their past have moved on and hence, they forget their former existences.

James Leininger’s Past Life as a Fighter Pilot

A resident of Louisiana, James Leininger, was just two and a half years old when he began speaking about his strong memories and vivid dreams of being a man named James McCready Huston from Uniontown, Pennsylvania. According to him, he had been a WWII fighter pilot who had been killed over 50 years ago in Iwo Jima.

The boy’s nightmares began after his father had taken him to the Dallas flight museum. At such age, his knowledge of aviation was amazing. So, his father decided to do some research about this. He soon discovered that there had indeed been a pilot named James Huston and his plane had actually been hit by Japanese fire which led to his death on March 3rd, 1945.

The parents managed to track down Anne Barron, Huston’s sister. She stated that after listening to Leininger’s story, she totally believed him. According to her, the boy knows too many things and for some reason he knows what happened. He knew the name of the ship his plane took off from, names of pilots he flew with and many more details about the life and death of James Huston.

A Reincarnated Boy Solved the Murder of His Past Self

This is another popular case of reincarnation. In Golan Heights, a boy was born with a red birthmark on his head. At the age of three, he claimed that the mark was from being murdered in a past life by an axe to the head. This three year old even claimed to know the first and last name of the man who had murdered him.

Dr. Eli Lasch was brough in to investigate the case. Lasch took the boy to many cities in Israel until the boy recognized a village. He led the doctor to the accused murderers house (who was still alive) and they spoke with that man. The boy said to the accused murderer, “I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe.” The doctor claims the man instantly turned pale but agreed to go along with the boy and doctor to where the boy claimed the murder weapon and body was buried. He did in fact lead them to the exact spot where a skeleton was found with a wound in the skull where the boy’s birthmark is. The man the boy accused ultimately confessed to have murdered his neighbor about four years ago.


These are just a few cases of reincarnation. Many other such cases have been thoroughly investigated by multiple researchers. In many cases, the details given by a kid have been verified to correspond with amazing accuracy to a deceased individual. In other cases, the details have been proven very difficult to verify.

Even in the most convincing cases, many people will find a grain of doubt. Maybe there is an element of reincarnation that explains how certain memories match up with real events. It seems though, that many of these cases reveal too many accurate details to just be written off as lucky guesses.

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