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Police Investigate the Robert Taylor UFO Abduction

Updated: Oct 24

There have been many abduction stories, with people claiming an alien kidnapped them, but evidence can be hard to come by. But for Scotland resident Robert Taylor, things got very real about 40 years ago. He was abducted by what he claims were extraterrestrial beings.

(Image Source: Edinburghlive)

According to Robert Taylor, he saw a dome-shaped object that was around 30 feet high. This was the alien ship, and apparently, it was located near a forest in Livingston. This incident happened on the 9th of November 1979. Robert was abducted, and he has no recollection of what happened during the abduction. What he does know is that after he saw that dome-shaped craft and two spiked spheres rolled out of it and grabbed his legs, causing him to pass out. He woke up shaken and in a messy state more than 20 minutes afterward.

(Image Source: Edinburghlive)

Robert Taylor passed away in 2007 as a respected war hero and churchgoer. It’s reported that all who knew him believed his testimony and backed that he is not the kind of person to make things up. That, combined with the fact that the police started an investigation and found something that certainly adds fuel to the fire when it comes to this abduction.

The investigative team found 32 different holes on the ground, which were 3.5 inches in diameter. Many considered them to be similar to those bulldozer caterpillar tracks. However, they were not identical to any machinery in the region, which was extremely strange. There were also no tracks to show and machine or vehicle moving in or out of the area; they had to come from above, sparking the idea that an actual alien abduction took place there.

Robert Taylor stated that he was checking gates and fences, working alone at 10:30 PM that day, and as soon as he saw the extraterrestrial spaceship, spiked arms grabbed him. After that, all that he remembers is an intense burning smell.

The investigation team took Robert Taylor’s ripped trousers, and the police did their own forensic investigation. The problem is that the DNA analysis was not the best at that time, so they couldn’t really access that kind of information. They mainly focused on figuring out how the damage was done. Apparently, something hooked them, and then the pants were moved around. This fits the story that Robert Taylor told, thus adding more fuel to the fire here.

Of course, some people think that Robert Taylor had an epileptic seizure, which would explain what he said and that he did not remember anything. The investigative team said that might also be an option, but even then, that doesn’t explain where the random marks on the ground came from.

(Image Source: Daily Record)

This has become one abduction story that even the investigators questioned if what he claimed was genuine.

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