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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Updated: Oct 24

Today I watched the newest documentary from Dr. Steven Greer; "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun". This is once again another must see for everyone who has any level of interest in UFOlogy and possibly more important for people who have no introduction to UFOlogy to see. Some people are wondering what the difference is between this and his two prior documentaries, "Sirius" and "Unacknowledged". In my opinion; "Sirius" was more of an introduction to all of these UFO topics, why its covered up, who's covering it up, evidence of UFOs/ ET's, Testimony/ Evidence from government officials/ documents and a good dive into CE5. "Unacknowledged" seemed to be far more focused on evidence of the cover up as well as evidence of contact. This new documentary takes you all in on what CE5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind... aka Human Initiated Contact) is, the science/ evidence to how it works and WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE ON EARTH!

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In the earlier part of the documentary, Greer gives a solid overview of the history of the UFO cover up and other key important details to bring a newcomer up to date. The documentary then transitions between topics surrounding the "Fear Narrative" of ET's that has been pushed on society by the Entertainment Industry, News Media and their direct ties to various Intelligence Agencies/ Military Industrial Complex and then the evidence of how that Fear Narrative is not true. Thankfully it seems that far more time is focused on uplifting and empowering topics than the negative, but the negative is too important to just pass over.

A lot of time is spent going over the science of consciousness, to give people the framework of how CE5 works and really how simple it is. Dr Dean Radin is referenced as well as Russel Targ, both have done ground breaking work in the Science of Consciousness. It is mind blowing how big of an impact our mind has on the world around us, thoughts physically shape reality and nearly every major University is now backing this up with countless studies. For those that are unaware; the US Government as well as the Soviet Government during the Cold War trained and utilized........ Psychic Spies. Much of this project has been declassified and acknowledged to the public since its inception, much more is declassified now. Humans literally have the ability to see things that are anywhere at any period of time. Once the the documentary brings you through those wild rides its time for the juicy stuff........ CE5! By this point anyone watching the documentary who has no in depth background with the prior topics has had their brain and world view annihilated in all the right ways. CE5 Makes Sense! Some of the greatest UFO/ ET video and photo evidence is now shown as the documentary goes between Greer explaining more in depth what CE5 is and how to do it and having the testimony of "ET Ambassadors" (People who do CE5) from around the world share their stories and evidence of what experiences they have had with CE5. The Producer of this film shares his first UFO experience and he happened to get some of the greatest footage I have seen while it was happening. His first experience was very similar to mine; a giant glowing ship appears and lots of smaller ones start pouring out....... epic.......... complete epicness. So why is CE5 important and relevant? - People having their very own ET/ UFO sighting/ contact is far more profound and life changing that watching a YouTube video. (Also it is extremely easy to do, sometimes it just takes patience) - When people have their own encounter, it is very eye opening to how a much better world and reality is right in front of us. The corrupt control system of the world is reliant on people not seeing through this veil. - It is scientific fact that positive thoughts physically alter the world around us, when groups of people focus together, that positive change is magnified. - Connecting with another being through pure consciousness is better than any drug...... crazy I know. The reasons go on and on and everybody may have their own answer. CE5 has change my life and put me on the path of much of the work I do. So go watch; Dr. Steven Greer's new film; "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun", then grab a lawn chair, go in your backyard, make contact and join the rest of us in making history!

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