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CE-5: Manifesting UFO's with Dr. Steven Greer's "Sirius" documentary

From my earliest memories I have had a fascination and at times an obsession with Extraterrestrials and UFO's. All of that went into overdrive when I came across Dr. Steven Greer's documentary; "Sirius", that documentary was also a catalyst in the creation of, "Inquire Within". In this documentary it lays out the solid foundation of WHY there is so much controversy, humiliation, control and silence around the UFO phenomenon. All of that is great especially for if someone is brand new or hasn't dived balls deep into researching this field, but a key thing this documentary is about was something that I had never come across in years of research..... CE5, Close Encounters of the 5th Kind (Human Initiated Contact). Yes it is what it sounds like...... A series of methods that anyone can use to have ET Craft appear in the sky above you for yourself and others to see. My first time trying it my friend and I saw a big red orb appear in the sky not far from my house, then 3 white lights came out from it and started spiraling around each other and doing movements that no publicly admitted craft could do. Within a couple minutes military craft started flying towards the lights; the white lights returned into the red light and the red light vanished.

Words cannot explain how life changing it is to see something for yourself that others try to convince you isn't real. It is far more life changing when you have these experiences with friends and in large groups. I don't have the slightest idea how many UFO's I have seen at this point, but it is a lot! There is so much more that could be said on the subject of CE-5, but for now just scroll down and enjoy watching; "Sirius" by Dr. Steven Greer!

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