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7 Foot Mantis Alien Terrifies Bicyclist

Updated: Oct 24

(Image: Paul Froggatt, image source- DailyStarUK)

Paul Froggatt, Warwick resident and a former dog food factory worker, claims that he had a terrifying encounter with a 7-foot Preying Mantis alien, which communicated with him telepathically. This horrifying and unsettling incident reportedly occurred last summer but only came to light when the 26-year old witness decided to share his story with Daily Star UK.

The Encounter

(Image: Paul Froggatt, image source- DailyStarUK)

According to Froggatt, the bizarre event unfolded last July when he was riding his bicycle home from his job one morning in the town of Warwick. The routine trip from the dog food factory took a troubling turn when the young man spotted a UFO hovering in the sky.

At first, he thought it must be a satellite or Venus, but the glowing orange sphere appeared to be much closer than either of these things. He took a few photos of the object and then realized that it started rotating. Shocked at what he was witnessing, Froggatt fled the scene on his bicycle and ended up in a wooded area where the anomaly was no longer visible. Thinking that he left the weirdness behind, his belief quickly shattered when he turned a corner and saw a 7-foot humanoid mantis. Creature Description

(Image: Paul Froggatt, image source- DailyStarUK)

Froggatt described the alien creature as standing at least 7 feet tall and possessing big oval black eyes and a triangular head. It had all the features of a praying mantis but stood on two legs and a somewhat humanoid form. According to him, he stared into the alien's eyes and felt as if it was communicating with him telepathically.

"I felt like it could read my mind and I could read its. My fear was replaced with completely alien thoughts of utter hatred and evil I felt projected from this thing.”- Froggatt

Froggatt also drew a picture of the 7-foot mantis. His account and the depiction pretty much match the description of mantis aliens by many other abductees and witnesses. These mantis aliens are believed by many to be from the Draco constellation. They are typically described as being 6-7 feet tall with black slanted or dark brown eyes.

The Aftermath Froggatt was eventually able to break free from the mental grasp of the alien and escaped from the scene unharmed. Unfortunately, this encounter with a presumed extraterrestrial took a toll on his life. Apart from having trouble sleeping at night, Froggatt was forced to quit his job after sharing his story with coworkers, and they started calling him “Mantis man of Warwick”. Despite all of this, he insists that the incident really took place and now hopes that someone can verify his story, or at the very least confirm that there was a UFO in the sky that morning.

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