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About the Album

"Universe In My Head," our debut album released on April 20, 2017, marked a significant moment in the evolution of "Inquire Within." The band comprised only three core members: myself, Brett Larsen, along with guitarists Kelby Bond and Dennis (Dewey) McGibney. This album consisted of fifteen songs, each possessing its own unique character, creating a diverse musical landscape.

What makes "Universe In My Head" truly exceptional is the collaborative effort that shaped its sound. A remarkable total of sixteen musicians from nine different countries contributed their talents to the album, including current and past members of renowned bands such as MEGADETH, The Devin Townsend Project, Six Feet Under, Chimaira, and even the Juilliard Symphonic Orchestra.

The international collaboration brought an extraordinary richness to the music, ensuring that every track on the album had its own distinctive flavor. From acoustic melodies to intense death metal rhythms and everything in between, "Universe In My Head" is a testament to our commitment to musical diversity and innovation.

This album wasn't born from a single, predetermined vision; rather, it was a reflection of our collective desire to break free from the confines of any particular genre. As a band, we had diverse influences and musical backgrounds, which found expression in this sonic tapestry. "Universe In My Head" remains a symbol of our refusal to conform and our dedication to exploring different musical horizons. It was the beginning of an artistic journey that embraced change, diversity, and a commitment to forging a unique path in the world of music.

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