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Añjali: Alien Base Disclosed by Retired Intelligence Officers Press Conference

Updated: Oct 24


On August 17th, 2021, a woman going by the name of Añjali gave a press conference at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Añjali claims to be a retired Defense Intelligence Officer who has some out-of-this-world experiences, which she aims to prove outright. She claims that she was given permission to enter an extraterrestrial base which is located inside of a mountain in the Mojave Desert. In the base, she met with multiple races of extraterrestrial beings, including what is commonly referred to as the “Greys” as well as “Mantis Beings”. These people from beyond our world gave her a message to spread to humanity as well as permission to bring a whole crew of people into the base to disclose the truth behind our existence and reality. This crew supposedly will include at least one astronaut, a documentarian, physicists and more; along with all the scientific equipment they could need.

Is Añjali going to be the one to finally be able to end the debate on whether extraterrestrials exist once and for all?

The following is the information that I gathered directly from her press conference, and I cannot yet confirm or deny her background.

Background on Añjali:

Her real name is Angelia Lynn Johnston, and she was born on February 1st, 1972, in Fort Smith, Arkansas but grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. She joined the U.S. Air Force in 1992 and was stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base, where she was part of the 28th Medical Group Air Transportable Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery during the first Gulf War.

In 2003 she graduated from Black Hills State University in South Dakota and then went to Graduate School for her master’s degree at South Dakota State University in the Department of Rural Sociology.

It was during her course work here that she was recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency to become an Intelligence Officer in Washington DC. From here, she was trained in Information Operations and Information Warfare in Human Factors Analysis. She very clearly insists that the type of work she was doing was never directed at any interest, corporation, or citizen of the United States. According to her, the work was based around helping Senior Commanders to know how to best influence state and non-state leaders to make decisions in the best interest of the United States. In 2005 Añjali became a Defense Intelligence Contractor with BAE Systems.

In 2015 she was contacted by a contractor on behalf of the United States Marine Corps to work at the Marine Corps Tactical Operations Group but resigned in 2016 due to an illness that left her hospitalized.

The Experience:

Two acquaintances of hers that she refers to as Wayne and his wife Tricia, invited her to their home. This is where Wayne explained to her that there had been many nights that they had seen UFOs above the mountain that is partially on their property. He became obsessed with learning and seeing more. One day he hiked to the top of this mountain, and there he was met by what he called “aliens,” and they told him that they had a base within the mountain. Wayne then created his own tunnel into the mountain from his property.

On January 21st, 2018, Añjali was invited to enter this tunnel. In her description of this journey into the mountain, she states that shortly upon entering the mountain, there was a light ahead. After getting closer, they saw two different races of extraterrestrial beings. One of these beings is described as being a “Grey” (one of the most commonly referred to Extraterrestrials) that did not seem to be organic or a drone in the way that we understand, yet had consciousness. The other race of beings present was described as being roughly six to six and a half feet in height with fine hair and radiant skin. These beings greeted Añjali and told her that she was expected, and they then invited her to go into the base.

Once inside of the base, Añjali reports seeing multiple other types of beings, including what was described as a very beautiful eight-foot-tall lavender Preying Mantis being (Mantis sightings are very common among abductees). She said that these were beings of light and the highest form of consciousness. A table raised up from the floor, and she voluntarily laid upon it and said that her consciousness left her body. In this state, she heard messages telling her to remember who she is and what she agreed to do. Upon awakening, she departed the mountain and went back to Wayne’s home.

The Mission:

Añjali is now on a mission to go back into this extraterrestrial base, but this time she wants to bring a crew of people with her along with a plethora of scientific equipment so that the evidence can be broadcast in an indisputable manner. This team will consist of; Añjali, Wayne, Tricia, potentially two astronauts, a “well-known documentarian”, a well-known chief investigative reporter, academics, physicists and astronomers. Some members of this team are waiting to see if there is any major fallout from this very press conference to see if they want to back out due to fear of their careers being ruined.

The Message:

She clearly expresses that these beings that she met with have a message for all of humanity. That message is that we are all a unique expression of the source of creation; we are working through the various densities of consciousness and that what we learn from each stage we bring to the next, on a deeper level, we all chose to be here and we are all working towards returning to our purest form which is the source of light.

She then goes on to say the following:

“They have been where we are. Everything goes through the same cycle of consciousness, development, and recognition of itself. They have been where we are. And they have been guardians of our process. When every form of consciousness coalesces back into the pure light, it remembers fully and begins to learn how to create its own creation, and therefore it watches, it watches other expressions of creation, learning, because they only want to understand how to make their own.

This is seventh-density learning.

Once there is full recognition of oneself, consciously it immediately, you split your own consciousness, your consciousness becomes many, and that informs the next creation. And that is the eighth density creation. That is the creator immediately; in order to learn, the creator forgets oneself and becomes first density again. And each time that this happens, consciousness spreads throughout everything infinitely, for infinite learning and infinite gathering of understanding and wisdom.

So, yes, they have been here for a very long time.

This cycle of third-density learning has been called many things. It has been called reincarnation. It's been called creation and apocalypse. It's simply a beginning and an end of a cycle, okay, so that the next cycle can begin.

So what we have now, here on Earth is, we have two things that are occurring simultaneously. We have natural cyclical changes of this Earth. As it moves into its own density and becomes a fourth-density environment. It will no longer be compatible for third-density experience. Which is what they say, these human biotechnology bodies give us here we have been through this cycle long enough, and it's time for the next stage.”


So is Añjali finally the person who can blow the lid off of the UFO Cover-Up? Will she prove that extraterrestrials are here on Earth and assisting humanity through our own spiritual evolution? Or will this be another story that falls short and is written off as yet another hoax?

Anytime something like this comes up, I do hope that it is true and that it is finally the time to be proven right. We certainly are in a time like no other when it comes to the UFO/ Alien topic, with how much mainstream news coverage has been happening as well as official government statements.

Tonight Añjali is doing what I believe is her first interview since coming forward, with Jimmy Church on his show Fade To Black; hopefully, we learn more details and gain more evidence of these claims.

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